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Dr. Werner Lohwasser

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TDK Electronics AG

Member of the Management Board, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Date of birth: December 29, 1966
Nationality: German

Education and career details
1993Technical University of Munich, Germany
Diploma in physics
1999Technical University of Munich, Germany
Doctorate in physics (Dr. rer. nat.)
1996Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH & Co. KG Heidenheim, Germany
Capacitors Business Unit
Tantalum capacitors
Product development engineer
1999Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH & Co. KG/EPCOS AG Heidenheim
Capacitors Business Unit
Tantalum capacitors
Head of product development
2001, JulyEPCOS S.A. Évora, Portugal
CTO Évora plant
2001, SeptemberHead of Business Unit Tantalum Capacitors (additional post)
2006KEMET S.A. Évora, Portugal
Plant manager
2007KEMET de Mexico Matamoros
Vice President Tantalum Capacitors Americas and SMD
2009KEMET GmbH Landsberg, Germany
Vice President Power Capacitors & Electrolytics
2013EPCOS AG Munich, Germany (since October 1, 2018, TDK Electronics AG)
GM/CEO Aluminum and Film Capacitors Business Group (CAP)
2018, JulyMember of the Management Board, CTO and COO