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February 21, 2023

TDK offers industry’s highest rated current multilayer chip bead for automotive power supply lines


TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) has announced the introduction of its new MPZ2520SPH Series multilayer chip bead for automotive power supply lines. Rated at 12A and measuring only 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.85mm (L x W x H), it is not only the highest rated current bead, but also compact. Mass production began in February 2023.

The high-performance chip bead is for automotive EMC components and achieves a rated current of 12A despite its small size. Currently, supporting large currents requires either much larger chip beads measuring at least 3.2 x 2.5mm (L x W) or using multiple chip beads of less than 12A in a parallel configuration. Using a single MPZ2520SPH Series instead saves mounting space. Furthermore, the serial configuration of a single product helps stabilize the applied current. TDK's original pattern configuration and the use of optimum materials achieve the highest rated current in the industry in a compact size.

Recent years have seen a growing need for chip beads with high current capability for use in applications such as powertrain systems for electric vehicles. A similar need exists in industrial machinery and in the consumer sector, and TDK also began mass production of chip beads using the same high current specification for these fields.

TDK offers a diverse portfolio of chip beads for a range of applications, including signal circuits. Our lineup includes the KPZ series of automotive application chip beads that can be used in environments up to 150°C. TDK will continue to develop comprehensive EMC components and services in response to the needs of customers.

*Source: TDK, as of February 2023

Features & Applications

Main applications

  • Powertrains, Car multimedia (telematics), Various ECUs

Main features and benefits

  • The industry's highest* rated current of 12A with dimensions of 2.5 x 2.0 mm (L x W)
  • The operating temperature range is from -55°C to + 125°C
  • Compliant with AEC-Q200 Rev D

Key Data


[Ω] at 100 MHz

DC resistance
[mΩ] max.

Rated current
[A] at 85 ℃

Rated current
[A] at 125 ℃






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