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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

November 9, 2016

First ever vibration strength of 60 g


TDK Corporation presents the first* aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are specified for 60 g in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6**. The new generation offers the highest vibration strength and the best electrical performance in a single component. The robust EPCOS capacitors are available in three terminal designs (axial-lead, soldering star und double plated) with dimensions of 16 mm x 25 mm to 18 mm x 39 mm (d x l). They cover capacitance values of between 270 µF and 5800 µF and the voltage range from 25 V to 100 V. In addition, all 60 g types feature a high maximum operating temperature of up to 150 °C and are qualified to AEC-Q200.

TDK uses the axial design to achieve maximum vibration strength. Axial capacitors have crucial design-related benefits over the frequently used single-ended design: Flexible connecting tabs between the welding points and the foils prevent direct transmission of vibrations to the terminals. In addition, the winding is firmly clamped by the can by means of both axial and radial fixation forces. The winding is fixed in the radial direction by means of a ring-shaped compression corrugation in the middle of the aluminum can.

Typical applications for the new EPCOS capacitors are DC-DC converters and motor inverters.

* TDK market analyses, November 2016
** Test Fc, frequency range 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 x 2 hours, max. displacement amplitude 0.75 mm per 10 g, room temperature; capacitor fixed to its case using standard EPCOS fixture.

Main applications

  • DC-DC converters and motor inverters for automotive electronics

Main features and benefits

  • High vibration strength of 60 g
  • High permissible operating temperature of 150 °C

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