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November 7, 2014

New browser-based AlCap and FilmCap tools


Powerful browser-based design tools for EPCOS aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors now enable users to calculate the useful life for selected capacitor types under assumed operating conditions.

The proven AlCap Useful Life Calculation Tool for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which now covers all new high-voltage (>150 V) screw-terminal, snap-in and solder pin capacitors in the latest data book, has been upgraded. These DC link capacitors are especially recommended for new designs in inverters for industrial applications such as solar power, wind power, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Completely new to the library of design tools for EPCOS components is the FilmCap Service Life Calculation Tool, which currently covers the B3267* and B3277* series of film capacitors for the DC links of inverters – altogether some 250 standard types.

Both AlCap and FilmCap allow designers to enter and calculate up to 15 load profiles simultaneously, which, if desired, can be saved for later use. This powerful feature facilitates the design of applications with capacitor banks and single capacitors alike. As a special feature, customers can perform calculations for customer-specific capacitors by entering the CSC code provided in the specific datasheet. Following the calculation, the results can be printed out. FilmCap also offers a smart search option, which lets users enter the key load parameters of their application in order to find suitable types.

Thanks to these powerful tools, it is much easier for design engineers to evaluate the performance of DC link capacitors under a wide range of conditions and then find the best solution for their application.


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