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Plant in Gravataí

November 18, 2014

60 years of capacitors from Brazil


The plant in Gravataí, Brazil, has been producing capacitors for sixty years. During this period, the plant has developed state-of-the-art technologies for both aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors. As such, it is TDK’s only plant that manufactures both capacitor designs.

Today, more than 90 engineers and technicians here develop robust and reliable products for a wide range of demanding applications in automotive and industrial electronics and for power generation, but also in household appliances and lighting.

The success of Gravataí’s products is driven by their innovativeness and quality. The technological know-how acquired over decades is the basis for technologically superior products to meet the growing demands of the markets.

Altogether, more than 1800 people manufacture capacitors for both the global and local markets, with approximately 70 percent of the sales going to exports. The annual production capacity is more than 1.7 billion units of both aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors.



1954Icotron is founded in Porto Alegre.
1957Icotron is acquired by Siemens.
1962Production moves to the new site in Gravataí.
1962Production of formed anode aluminum foil is launched.
1967Production of metallized polyester films for DC capacitors begins.
1990Icotron named Siemens’ center of competence for film capacitors.
1999Icotron becomes EPCOS do Brasil.
2001Production launched for a rugged design of ­axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automotive applications.
2009EPCOS is acquired by TDK
2011Production starts for metallized polypropylene films for power capacitors.



  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the following terminals:

    • Axial-lead/soldering star
    • Single-ended
    • Screw terminals
    • Snap-in/solder pins
  • Film capacitors

    • DC capacitors
    • AC capacitors
    • Power electronic capacitors
    • Capacitors for power factor correction and key components (LV)


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

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