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Press Pictures

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[---Image_alt---] 1 Item_Germany_HQ

Headquarter Munich, Germany

JPG, 300 dpi, 2.6 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_Austria

Plant Deutschlandsberg, Austria

JPG, 300 dpi, 1.1 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_BatamIndonesien

Plant Batam, Indonesia

JPG, 300 dpi, 695.0 KB
[---Image_alt---] Item_Berlin_Beeskowdamm

Plant Berlin, Germany

JPG, 300 dpi, 3.1 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_Brazil

Plant Gravataí, Brazil

JPG, 1.5 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_ChinaXiamen

Plant Xiamen, China

JPG, 72 dpi, 395.2 KB
[---Image_alt---] Item_ChinaXiaogan

Plant Xiaogan, China

JPG, 300 dpi, 2.7 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_ChinaZhuhaiFTZ

Plant Zhuhai (Free Trade Zone), China

JPG, 300 dpi, 1.4 MB
[---Image_alt---] Item_ChinaZhuhaiHongqi

Plant Zhuhai (Hongqi Town), China

JPG, 72 dpi, 867.0 KB