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Rechargeable solid-state SMD battery CeraCharge

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Key Features

  • Compact EIA 1812 case size
  • Wide temperature range from -20 °C to +80 °C
  • More than 1000 recharging cycles
  • Easy placement and processing using reflow soldering techniques
  • Multilayer technology (like MLCC)
  • Solid ceramic electrolyte rules out the risk of fire, explosion or leakage of liquid electrolyte

Main applications

  • IoT devices e.g., smart meters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), smart home sensors, real-time clocks (RTC)
  • Bluetooth beacons (BLE)
  • Wearable devices
  • Systems for energy harvesting

The development kit contains a blister with 10 pieces of CeraCharge packed under vacuum in a plastic bag. The pieces are from regular mass production and can be used for testing, prototypes and pilot production.

Ordering No.: B73180A0101M199

For more information, please download the sample kit PDF or order from our distributors.

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PDF Inventory Main application Design Case size Max. operating voltage (V DC) Max. operating voltage (V AC) Surge current (8/20µs) (A) Energy absorption (mJ) Features/Series Clamping voltage @ 1 A (V) Capacitance, typ. (pF) Capacitance, max. (pF) Type Ordering code Size (lxwxh) Max. operating temperature (°C) Min. operating temperature (°C) Application field Nominal capacity (µAh) Operating temperature (°C) Nom. discharge Current (µA) Typ. operating voltage (V DC) Nom. operating voltage (V DC) Max. charge voltage (V DC)
- 2 Terminals EIA 1812 - - - - - - - - BCT1812M101AG B73180A0101M062 4.4 x 3.0 x 1.1 80 -20 Industry
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