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Product Brief

Surge Arresters – High Current Series

 Surge Arrester HC Series PB


The new Product Brief presents the new High Current Series (HC). Compared with currently used types, these alternative types with higher performance offer optional advantages:

  • Arresters in the same size, but higher surge current capability enables higher reliability of surge protection solutions.
  • Smaller dimensions allows more compact protection solutions with the same current handling capabilities.


2- Electrode-Arrester
  • M50-, S5B-, EM- HC Series for medium duty protection (10 kA, 8/20 µs)
  • A6- HC-Serie for heavy duty protection (20 kA, 8/20 µs)
  • EB0- SMDHC Serie for heavy duty protection (20 kA, 8/20 µs)

Edition 01.21, 2 pages, English

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