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Product Brief

Planar Cores for Power Applications

 Ferrites Planar Cores PB


  • New Power Material PC200 for Switching Frequencies up to 4 MHz 
  • Besides the ELP core series that range from ELP 14 to ELP 102, TDK offers extended series of EPCOS planar cores with round center posts in the ranges ER 9.5 to ER 32 and EQ 13 to EQ 30. 
  • Customer specific heights can be supplied as well as different air gap or AL value requirements.
  • Planar cores are obtainable as EELP, EEQ, EER, EILP, EIQ and EIR sets.
  • The publication contains dimensions, technical data and ordering codes.

Edition 06.19, 8 pages, English

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