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Co-create with CeraPlas Explore Kit for a Sustainable Future

Explore Kit for developers

The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has made comprehensive precautionary and protective measures necessary. One important measure to contain the spread of the virus is cleaning and disinfecting. TDK's CeraPlas®, a cold plasma generator, can be used to develop devices that can inactivate SARS CoV-2 viruses on objects. The basic components required for this, such as the plasma generator + control unit and the App are now available as an Explore Kit for developers. We want to play our part and offer sustainable solutions for the future.

We are looking for interested partners who are ready to help break the chain of infection.

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Explore Kit overview

CeraLink capacitors, LP (low profile)
CeraLink capacitors, LP (low profile)
CeraLink capacitors, LP (low profile)

Bio-decontamination workflow with CeraPlas

The process provided by the Explore Kit is simple and easy*. You can bio-decontaminate dry items of your choice in just 6 steps as described below and help stopping the tremendous amount of waste coming from disposable cleaning products like wipes.

Step 1: Activate the App

 Workflow 1_pic

You may use the App on your Android smartphone to follow each single step of the bio-decontamination process. Alternatively, the process is also running without an App by a simple push on the start button.

Step 2: Adapt volume

 Workflow 2_pic

As an example of a defined volume a simple container is delivered with the CeraPlas Explore Kit, but your creativity knows no limit, here. Put all parts in the container for the bio-decontamination process.

Step 3: Active oxygen generation

 Workflow 3_pic

By pressing the START button via the App or the push button on the control unit the generation of active oxygen starts. Reactive species of oxygen are directly generated in the volume and provide a bio-decontaminating environment for the virus. 

Step 4: Desinfection process

 Workflow 4_pic

Generation of active oxygen is running and the bio-decontamination occurs. Virus populations on surfaces are inactivated and further growth is hindered.

Step 5: Active oxygen conversion

 Workflow 5_pic

Disinfection step is finished and the reactive species are converted back to oxygen via a catalytic process. 

Step 6: Safe removal

 Workflow 6_pic

Release your disinfected items and use it again. 

*Although the usage is self-explaining, please read the operation instruction carefully before first use.

Lets co-create!


Whatever your idea is, lets find a solution. TDK has focused its resources on creating a disinfection system for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TDK offers the following modules for your implementation:

  • CeraPlas Element
  • App
  • O3 converter
  • Scientific studies
  • Concept evaluation
  • Proof of concept

How would you implement?

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a new product? Maybe you have a new disinfection concept? Maybe you want to help fighting against the piles of garbage coming from disposable products? Or maybe CeraPlas technology is the missing piece in your puzzle? Whatever it is, CeraPlas can be integrated into your product architecture.

 How implement_pic

Support sustainability in everyday situations

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