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PowerHap piezo actuators with haptic feedback

March 7, 2019

New dimensions in performance

  • Unrivalled acceleration, force and response time
  • Compact and powerful piezo technology
  • Unprecedented quality of haptic feedback for a broad range of applications with extremely low energy consumption

The innovative PowerHap™ piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality is now available in three compact types – 0909H011V060, 1313H018V120 and 2626H023V120 – which can achieve an very high acceleration of 2.5 g, 7 g and 35 g, respectively, under a load of 100 grams. These components also offer unrivalled performance in terms of force and response time, and thus offer an unprecedented quality of haptic feedback. The compact and powerful actuators enhance the sensory experience of HMIs significantly by engaging the full range of human tactile sensitivity.

PowerHap is based on multilayer piezo plates with migration-free copper inner electrodes. Thanks to the multilayer technology the actuators can be driven with relatively low operating voltages up to 60 V or 120 V, depending on the type. When activated, the piezo plates only expand minimally in the z axis, but due to the constant volume of the piezo effect contract simultaneously in both the x and y axes. The new component employs cymbals on both sides of the plate as levers to amplify the contraction by a factor of 15 in the z axis.

Key technical data

Rated voltage
acceleration* [g]
Max. force
Max. displacement
0909H011V0609.0 x 9.0 x 1.10 to 602.5535
1313H018V12012.7 x 12.7 x 1.80 to 1207865
2626H023V12026 x 26 x 2.30 to 1203525230

* 100 gram load

Compared with conventional electromagnetic solutions such as eccentric rotary motors (ERMs) and linear resonant actuators (LRAs), the PowerHap features high acceleration and force combined with low insertion height and the fastest response time – and all that with extremely low loading charge per click of 0.09 mC to 0.8 mC, depending on type, and in a single component with integrated sensor functionality.

Unlike conventional electromagnetic solutions PowerHap actuators can excite the entire stimulation range between 1 Hz and 500Hz. They thus have no significant frequency or amplitude limitations for customized haptic feedback to key human mechanoreceptors. In this way, the new actuator enables designers to custom develop high-definition haptic feedback profiles that users expect from cutting-edge HMIs. Applications for the PowerHap can be found, for example, in vehicles, smartphones and tablets, household appliances, ATMs and vending machines, game controllers, industrial equipment and medical devices.

Main applications

  • Vehicles, smartphones and tablets, household appliances, ATMs and vending machines, game controllers, industrial equipment and medical devices.

Main features and benefits

  • High acceleration 
  • Very large forces
  • Large displacement
  • Extremely low insertion height
  • Fast response time of < 1 ms
  • Low loading charge per click

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