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Christmas donation 2023

More support for an increasing number of people in need

The organization “Die Muenchner Tafel” once again receives the joint Christmas donation from TDK Electronics, TDK Europe and TDK Management Services, this year about 30,000 euros. This is the third time in a row that the company supports the organization, whose volunteers distribute food donations every week to people who urgently need them. And the demand continues to grow.

The Muenchner Tafel is facing increasing challenges. The number of people in need is continually rising, while the number of donations is falling. There are many reasons for that. For example, inflation, but also the war against Ukraine, as co-founder and Chairwoman of Muenchner Tafel Hannelore Kiethe explains: “The refugees came in huge numbers, and we immediately set up an extra distribution point. Those were tough days, we needed huge amounts of food, but they were also so good and satisfying. So many volunteers and grateful guests!” At the same time, fewer food donations are being handed out because supermarkets are increasingly using digital systems to place orders very precisely.

The Muenchner Tafel makes it clear on its website: “Without the commitment of our volunteers and the countless donations, our work would be impossible.” For this reason, this year's Christmas donation once again goes to the Muenchner Tafel. “Our donation to the Muenchner Tafel is not just a gesture, but comes from the heart,” says TEG CEO and COO Dr. Werner Lohwasser. “Even in a rich town like Munich, many people are dependent on the support of volunteers. It was impressive for me to see with how much dedication people work here.”

 Cheque Presentation

From left: Josef Vissing and Oliver Huettner (Heads of TDK Europe), Hannelore Kiethe (Chairwoman Muenchner Tafel), Dr. Werner Lohwasser (TEG CEO and COO) and Michael Pocsatko (General Manager TDK Corporate Marketing & Incubation HQ).

 Tafel Lagerraum

Visiting the Muenchner Tafel warehouse on the premises of Munich's central market hall.

More than 130,000 kilos of food per week

The Muenchner Tafel has been supporting people in need with food for almost 30 years. There are now around 1,000 volunteers who provide around 20,000 people with more than 130,000 kilos of food free of charge every week. Most of the donations come from overproduction, have typos on the label, are close to their best-before date or have damaged packaging. If there is not enough food, it has to be additionally purchased. The organization is financed exclusively by membership fees and donations, which directly benefit those in need. The prerequisite for support is that the Tafel guests can prove that they are in need of help.

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