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Technologies & Products Press Conference 2021

November 11, 2021

Here you can download the summaries, images and the presentation. Additionally you find an event-podcast for each topic.

Acoustic Data Link for through-metal identification and energy transfer

Dr. Michael Gebhart
Head of Concept Engineering
TDK European Research & Development Center


TDK has developed a process that uses ultrasonic waves to transmit data and energy. These signals can even penetrate metal. Piezoelectric components convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations that excite acoustic waves and vice versa. This enables devices to be identified or sensor data to be read out, for example, while at the same time allowing energy to be transmitted into closed metal chambers or pipes, for example.

Ultra-small, high-speed TVS diodes for highly effective USB-C port ESD protection

Dr. Oliver Dernovsek
Head of Business Unit Multilayer
TDK Generic Foundry Business Unit
Piezo & Protection Devices Business Group

 Teaserbild Presentation

TVS diodes - Summary, Images and Charts

ZIP - 3.4 MB Download


USB-C is established as a standard interface and is found in most smartphones, notebooks and peripheral devices. TDK has developed a portfolio of miniaturized high-performance TVS diodes for ESD protection to ensure reliable data traffic and power transfer via this all-rounder.

High voltage resistant temperature sensor for DC connectors in xEV

Dr. Markus Wehring
Product Development
Temperature & Pressure Sensors Business Group

 Teaserbild Presentation

NTC sensor - Summary, Images and Charts

ZIP - 4.4 MB Download


In e-mobility, the temperature of all system units needs to be constantly monitored. The high currents result in losses with a corresponding generation of heat arising, in particular, at contacts. TDK has now developed a special-purpose high-voltage resistant temperature sensor for connectors.

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