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June 13, 2017

TMR Angle Sensor with digital output

  • World's highest accuracy of angle error* of just ±0.05°
  • Guaranteed accuracy of angle error** of ±0.2°over lifetime to meet the performance requirements for automotive applications
  • Low calibration burden and high compensation of system errors due to integrated automatic correction function
  • Compatible with all kinds of digital interfaces to meet the needs of highly accurate angle sensing for automotive, industrial and robotics applications

TDK Corporation presents the new TMR angle sensor TAD2141 with digital output. The new sensor offers a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.2° and at room temperature achieves the industry’s highest accuracy*** for angle error of only ±0.05°. The sensor is capable of contactless sensing 360° within a temperature range of -40 °C to +150 °C. Furthermore, the new TAD2141 sensor represents a remarkable level of miniaturization and weight-saving in comparison with conventional solutions using resolvers. Engineering samples of TAD2141 are already available; while certifications according to ISO26262 and ASIL are under preparation.

The automatic correction function, which is only available with the TAD2141, considerably reduces the design-in effort. Moreover, the new angle sensor is equipped with a self-diagnostic function that detects not only an abnormality in the sensor itself, but also any abnormalities in the exterior environment, such as a power failure or loss of the magnetic field. Thanks to the integrated ASIC, this sensor is capable of digital output with all kinds of interfaces, such as SPI, Hall-Emulation (HSM), PWM and encoder (AZB). It also uses the ASIC design technology from ICsense, an ASIC design specialist, which TDK acquired in March 2017. Based on this technology combination TDK is able to offer modular sensor solutions, including ASICs.

The main applications of the new sensor include industrial and robotics applications, as well as automotive applications focusing on future systems for automated driving. The range of possible applications will be further extended in the future.

The new TMR angle sensor will be exhibited alongside TDK's wide range of sensors at Sensors Expo in San Jose, USA, which will be held on June 28 and 29.

*    Angle accuracy that is achieved under specific conditions
**  When automatic correction function is activated
*** Status: June 2017 according to studies by TDK


  • TMR: Tunnel magneto resistance. Of all magnetic field sensors, this offers the greatest sensitivity.

Main applications

  • Detection of angle of rotation in automotive applications, such as EPS drives and brushless motors, as well as steering angle and pedal positions
  • Detection of angle of rotation of motors in industrial applications, robot linkages, drones, actuator positions etc.

Main features and benefits

  • World's highest accuracy for angle error of just ±0.05°
  • Guaranteed accuracy of angle error of ±0.2°
  • Digital output for all major interfaces, realized with ASICs from ICsense
  • Automatic correction function and compensation of system errors
  • Contactless 360° angle measurement
  • Suitable for automotive applications, thanks to a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +150 °C

Key data

Packaging sizeTSSOP-16
Digital outputsSPI, HSM, PWM, Encoder (AZB)
Guaranteed accuracy±0,2°
Temperature range-40 °C to150 ˚C
Magnetic field measuring range 20 mT to 80 mT (typ.)
20 mT to 150 mT (max.)
SafetyAutomatic correction function
Sample scheduled to be shippedJune 2017

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