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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

November 13, 2018

Compact single-ended series with high current capability


TDK Corporation has developed a new series of EPCOS single-ended aluminum electrolytic capacitors that feature a particularly compact design, a high CV product and high ripple current capability. The capacitors of the B41897* series are available for rated voltages of between 25 V DC and 75 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 270 µF to 12,000 µF. The dimensions of the new components range from 12.5 mm x 20 mm to 18 mm x 40 mm (d x l) depending on the voltage and capacitance.

Thanks to the use of improved materials, the new capacitors can be exposed to high temperatures and are designed for continuous operation at up to 135 °C and for a peak temperature of 150 °C. In comparison with previous series, it has been possible to increase the ripple current capability while at the same time raising the capacitance by as much as 60 percent. This means that the maximum ripple current capability is now higher than 7 A at 125 °C and 100 kHz. Typical applications include automotive ECUs and power supplies.

Main applications

  • Automotive ECUs and power supplies

Main features and benefits

  • High continuous operating temperature of up to 135 °C and peak temperature of 150 °C
  • Compact dimensions ranging from 12.5 mm x 20 mm to 18 mm x 40 mm (d x l)
  • High ripple current capability

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