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Gas-filled surge arresters

November 8, 2016

Compact protection for power supplies in base stations

  • High discharge current of up to 16 kA
  • High follow current capability of 1 kA
  • Suitable for IEC 61643-11 class I and II applications

TDK Corporation presents new gas-filled EPCOS surge arresters are designed especially for use in base stations. The components have three terminals and are able to extinguish overvoltages both from L to PE as well as N to PE. The LNP20C-A1800AC-6C surge arrester is designed for an operating voltage of 250 V AC. It meets the IEC 61643-11 requirements for classes I and II and with a wave form of 8/20 µs offers a maximum discharge current of 16 kA (class II).

In order to offer the necessary overvoltage protection, the surge arrester is designed for a follow current of 1 kA. The response time is less than 100 ns. The RoHS-compatible component with the ordering code B88069X4023B201 is RoHS compatible and measures 39 mm x 26 mm x 27.5 mm and its insulation resistance is >1 GΩ at 100 V DC.

Main applications

  • Base stations and other telecommunications installations

Main features and benefits

  • High discharge current of up to 16 kA and high follow current capability
  • Suitable for IEC 61643-11 class I and II applications

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