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Overvoltage protection

April 26, 2018

New data book for SIOV metal oxide varistors


TDK Corporation presents the fully revised data book for EPCOS SIOV metal oxide varistors for overvoltage protection. In addition to the extended portfolio of leaded disk varistors, the data book contains the new SNF types with an extended temperature range of between
-40 °C and +125 °C. AEC-Q200-qualified automotive types of these varistors are now also available. The T14 and T20 ThermoFuse™ varistors are another highlight with their integrated thermal fuses that isolate the varistors from the grid in the event of an overload. By means of an additional monitor pin, the status of the varistors can be detected and signaled, for example, by means of an LED. In addition, the data book features the extensive range of block and strap varistors for power electronics and power engineering, as well as SMD versions.

The data book also provides detailed technical descriptions, and is therefore a compre­hen­sive reference work to assist design engineers in the selection of the appropriate varistors. 

The 405-page data book is available in English and can be ordered with the ordering code EPC:62026-7600 under