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electronica China 2021

March 24, 2021

Innovative solutions for all applications

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  •  April 14 to 16, 2021
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Friday: 9:00 to 16:00
  • Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, New Area Shanghai, China
  • Halle N1, Stand 1210

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The electronica China 2021 in Shanghai, one of the leading trade fairs for electronic components and systems in China and the Asia-Pacific region is back as live event! We are showing our innovative and broad portfolio of TDK components, solutions and systems for all electronics and electrical industries, under brand of TDK, EPCOS, TDK-Lambda, Micronas, InvenSense, Chirp, ATL and Tronics. Among the products on display are capacitors, magnetics, protection components, sensors, power supplies and much more.

In automotive applications the focus is on xEV and thermal management systems. In the area of energy and industry, we are presenting solutions for solar system, robotics and industry 4.0 In the IoT and VR / AR as well as HMI (Human Machine Interface) areas where most innovations are gathered, sensors, MEMS and piezoelectric products showcase TDK's leading solutions. Furthermore we show special RF Components for the upcoming 5G mobile communication.

Product highlights

Compact transformers for DC/DC converters

 SMD Transformer en

The EPCOS E10 EM series is a new range of insulated SMT transformers that are suitable for various DC/DC converter topologies and gate driver circuits in e-mobility and industrial electronics. There are four models in the series, with basic winding insulation of a working voltage of 500 VRMS and reinforced insulation of 300 VRMS. The turns ratio is between 1:0.76 and 4:1, depending on the model.

Measuring just 11.7 x 13.15 x 11.35 mm3, they are extremely compact. The compact design meets clearance and creepage requirements in accordance with the IEC 60664-1 standard (Np/Ns: min. 5.5 mm clearance, min. 6 mm creepage), due to the internal construction of the transformers. Outstanding reproducibility and reliability are ensured thanks to highly automated production with an AOI final inspection. The component in the new transformer series B78307A*A003 is qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200 Rev. D.

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ModCap – a modular capacitor concept for DC link applications

 ModCap en

The new ModCap™ is a modular capacitor concept for DC link applications. The newly developed power capacitors are available for rated voltages of 1100 V to 2300 V and cover a 365 µF to 2525 µF capacitance range. The rated currents between 105 A and 180 A are type-conditioned with all types designed for 5 kA recurrent pulse currents. The maximum permitted hot spot temperature is 90 °C.

In contrast to conventional cylindrical designs, the B25645A* capacitor series are cubic in design and available in two versions of either 243 x 169.5 x 90 mm or 258 x 215 x 115 mm. Due to this design, the capacitors can be fitted very close to IGBT modules, thus producing very short lead lengths. This, combined with a very low 14 nH self-inductance of the capacitors, stops any substantial voltage overshooting at the IGBT modules when the current is shut off. As a result, generally no snubber capacitors are needed. This design also makes parallel connections of capacitors easy. Typical applications are compact converters for traction, renewable energies and industrial applications.

The artificial resin-filled plastic housings comply with UL94 V-0. In addition, the fire and smoke formation requirements, in line with IEC 61071, IEC 61881-1, EN 45545-2 HL3 R23, are met. This makes these capacitors well suited for use in trains.

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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with high CV product and high ripple current capability

 Cap Alu en

The new EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitor series B43647* with snap-in terminals offers a high CV product. They are ideal for highly compact solutions in power electronics. The capacitors are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C; at a rated voltage of 450 V DC and maximum ripple current, they reach a useful life of 2000 h. A capacitance range from 120 µF to 1000 µF is offered in case sizes ranging from 22 mm x 25 mm to 35 mm x 55 mm. Another special feature is the high ripple current capability up to 7.22 A (100 Hz, 60 °C). Due to their high level of reliability, these capacitors are well suited for use in power supplies for servers, telecommunications and industrial applications, as well as UPS systems, medical devices, photovoltaic inverters and frequency converters. With their robustness in relation to fast charging and discharging cycles, the high requirements in servo drive applications are fulfilled.

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New series of varistors for overvoltage protection and enhanced monitoring ThermoFuse

 Thermofuse en

The two new series of ThermoFuse® varistors are which equipped with monitor outputs and integrated thermal protective components for overvoltage protection.

The MT25 series (B72225M*) currently covers a voltage range from 150 VRMS to 385 VRMS, and its maximum surge current capability is 20 kA at a pulse form of 8/20 µs, according to IEC 61643-11. With dimensions of 25 x 28 x 14 mm, the completely encapsulated protective components feature a particularly compact design. Their monitor outputs are optionally available with or without electrical isolation.

The MT30 series (B72230M*) includes types, which are designed for voltages from 150 VRMS to 750 VRMS. Its maximum surge current capability is 25 kA at a pulse form of 8/20 µs according to IEC 61643-11, with dimensions of 34 x 28 x 14 mm. The monitor outputs of these varistors are designed with electrical isolation.

The new ThermoFuse varistors are specially developed quadratic disk varistors, which are connected in series with a patented thermal protective component design. In the case of a persistent overvoltage and therefore heating of the varistor, the fuse is activated and separates the varistor from the circuit with a high level of reliability, preventing potential damage to the PCB or the components installed in the varistor’s vicinity. What’s more, disconnection from the mains protects against a thermal runaway.

Thanks to their high thermal resistance and use of flame retardant materials for the housing, the ThermoFuse MT25 and MT30 series varistors meet the requirements of flammability rating UL 94 V-0. They are listed in the UL 1449 standard 4th Edition.

These varistors’ main applications include photovoltaic inverters, powerful industrial power supplies and inverters, as well as power supplies for lighting systems and telecommunications systems.

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TDK brings redundancy to its TMR angle sensor portfolio and aligns with ASIL D safety standard

 TRM Winkel en

The new digital TAD4140 sensor is designed for demanding automotive and industrial applications. Compared to TDK’s existing digital angle sensor – the TAD2141 – the new TAD4140 features full redundancy with two signal processor units and 2x2 TMR bridges in a single TSSOP16 package. Both angle sensors are capable of contactless sensing up to 360 degrees within an ambient temperature range of -40 °C up to +150 °C, making the device suitable for motor-control applications such as Brushless DC (BLDC) motor commutation in electric power assisted steering (EPAS) systems.

The various internal diagnostic features of TDK's digital angle sensor portfolio make both the TAD2141 and TAD4140 compatible with stringent automotive applications where functional safety is required, with the TAD4140 meeting the requirements of Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D)*1, and able to support fail-safe applications due to its electrically-isolated signals, high signal availability, and high-diagnostic coverage.

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Revolutionary MEMS-based CO2 gas sensor platform

 MEMS en

The InvenSense TCE-11101 is a miniaturized ultra-low power MEMS gas sensor platform for direct and accurate detection of CO2 in home, automotive, IoT, healthcare, and other applications. The TCE-11101 introduces new technology that expands TDK’s sensor leadership into new applications and solutions, as part of the new SmartEnviroTM family. Its small size and low power enable consumer and commercial devices of all form factors that do not need to be wall-powered. The TCE-11101 is housed in a 5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm 28-pin LGA package and requires minimal external components to complete the design.

Currently available gas sensors use bulky, power-intensive, and expensive optical techniques; or an intrinsically inaccurate “eCO2” approach. TDK’s TCE-11101 is based on a ground-breaking technology platform made possible by TDK’s unique combination of novel materials development, MEMS process technologies, and AI and machine learning capabilities, delivering a solution that is orders of magnitude smaller than traditional sensors, consumes less than 1mW of power, and provides accurate measurement of CO2 gas concentration.

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