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sps 2019

October 24, 2019

Innovation for power electronics

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  • November 26 to 28, 2019
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00 to 18:00 
    Thursday: 9:00 to 17:00 
  • NürnbergMesse
    Karl-Schoenleben-Strasse, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Hall 4, TDK Stand 121

Welcome to TDK at sps 2019 (smart production solutions), the international exhibition and conference for electric automation and drive technology in Nuremberg, Germany! On the TDK stand TDK is presenting its broad portfolio of EMC filters as well as chokes for converters. Convince your-self about the innovative EPCOS products. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Product highlights

LeaXield minimizes earth leakage currents

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The reengineered and improved EPCOS LeaXield™ active leakage current filter is a unique solution that is able to minimize earth leakage currents in converter-based drive systems. LeaXield is designed for applications in variable-speed drives such as those in machine tools, pumps, compressors, conveyance systems, and other pluggable devices. In these systems aggregate earth leakage currents can cause RCDs (residual current devices) to trip at their threshold. As a result, RCDs are either not usable or only with substantial additional outlay. 

LeaXield is available for load currents of up to 50 A at a rated frequency of 50/60 Hz and phase-to-phase voltages of up to 520 V AC. The active leakage current filter is connected between the RCD and the EMC input filter of the converter in industry-standard three-phase TN power grids and does not require an additional power supply. LeaXield can be utilized for earth leakage currents of up to 1 A and can effectively compensate leakage currents over a wide spectral range from 150 Hz to approximately 30 kHz.

LeaXield couples a 180° phase-shifted current with identical amplitude to the leakage current to the respective phases and feeds it back to the source. This prevents the leakage currents from flowing through the RCD and tripping it unintentionally, thus increasing plant availability.

Thanks to its compact design, the LeaXield is also well-suited for retrofitting existing installations. As no external power supply is required and installation outlay is minimal. 

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LCL filters for recuperative frequency converter systems

[---Image_alt---] LCL Filterserie en

The B84143*405 series of EPCOS LCL filters is especially suitable for recuperative frequency converter systems. These high-performance filters consist of a power choke, a capacitor bank with damping resistors and a robust choke. The corresponding filter circuits attenuate the clock frequencies so greatly that the IEC/TS 62578 recommendations for EMI emissions between 9 kHz and 150 kHz can be satisfied. Moreover, in combination with a recuperative frequency converter system, the LCL filters can significantly reduce the line-side harmonics to less than 5 percent. Thanks to the integration of the choke in the LCL filter, the recuperative unit can also be operated as a boost converter for higher DC link voltages. The LCL filters are designed for rated currents of 16 A, 66 A, 200 A, and 400 A at a rated voltage of 520 V. The two smaller versions (16 A and 66 A) are accommodated on a mounting plate for ease of use. The larger versions (200 A and 400 A) consist of two units: a separate storage choke and a mounting plate with power choke and capacitor bank. The filters are designed for clock frequencies of 7 kHz to 16 kHz for the feedback module and 4 kHz to 16 kHz for the motor-side frequency converter module. In addition, they are designed for a maximum motor lead length of 150 m or 6 axles and a maximum motor frequency of 100 Hz.

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Compact, high-performance 3-line EMC filters

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The B84243* series of EPCOS 3-line EMC filters has been expanded to include 10 new types for currents of up to 280 A. All 18 types in the series are designed for a rated voltage of 530 V AC. The performance of this series of filters has been optimized for adherence to limit values in accordance with EN 61800−3:2004+A1:2011 for motor cable lengths of either up to 25 m (C1) or 50 m (C2). The metal cases of the filters are designed with IP20 protection and, depending on the type, have compact dimensions of between 190 x 40 x 95 mm and 450 x 170 x 230 mm. Thanks to the highly saturation resistant chokes, parasitic asymmetric currents can be reliably controlled even in the case of longer motor cables.

A further advantage of the B84243* series is the low leakage current that also permits operation in a 30 mA RCD environment. For smaller, hand-operated equipment the leakage current must be below 3.5 mA. For this reason, the 3-A version (B84243A8003U000) has been designed for a leakage current of 1.9 mA at 400 V AC. One important safety aspect is the short discharge time to <60 V within one second for the types rated at up to 44 A.

Typical applications of the filters are frequency converters for the drives of elevators, pumps, conveyor systems, and HVAC systems.

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