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NTC thermistors

April 12, 2018

New data book for NTC thermistors

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TDK Corporation presents the completely revised data book for EPCOS NTC thermistors. Product highlights include NTC elements for measuring temperatures of up to 650 °C. They are suitable for use in combustion engines, for example, where they help to improve the combustion control for minimal environmental impact. They can be used in applications such as self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens as well. Also featured is the S860 series of bondable NTC chip thermistors, which can be embedded in IGBT modules and other power semiconductors for temperature-monitoring purposes. Other highlights include SMD NTC thermistors with very tight-tolerance R and B values.

In addition, the data book presents a wide range of leaded NTC thermistors for automotive and industrial electronics, as well as specially assembled types for household appliances. Detailed technical descriptions and circuit examples complete the reference tool.

The 260-page data book is available in English and can be ordered at www.epcos.com/db_ntc_thermistors under ordering code EPC:69016-7600.