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April 21, 2016

New data book for EPCOS PTC thermistors

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TDK Corporation presents the fully revised data book for EPCOS PTC thermistors, which introduces the extended product range. The 2016 edition now also includes several new series of inrush current limiters, most of which are qualified to AEC-Q200, as well as special high-voltage heating elements for heating the interiors of electric vehicles.

PTC thermistors fulfill a wide range of duties in electronic applications. They can, for example, be used as self-regulating and intrinsically safe heating elements. Another application is overcurrent protection of devices and systems, where they function as self-resetting fuses. Due to their steep characteristic curves, they can also be used as sensors for monitoring the temperature in motors or notebooks, for example.

The new 281-page data book not only offers the technical specifications, but also general information and detailed operating instructions, which simplify the selection of the appropriate component.

The English version of the Data Book can be ordered online at www.epcos.com/publications under ordering code EPC:25028-7600.