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Hannover Messe 2019

February 28, 2019

Innovative solutions for industrial electronics

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  • April 1 to 5, 2019
  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 18:00
  • Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Hannover, Germany
  • Hall 13, Stand C64

Welcome to the Hannover Fair 2019! We are presenting our comprehensive and innovative portfolio of EPCOS components and systems for industrial electronics. The focus is on solutions for power factor correction, power quality and EMC filters.

Product highlights

Active harmonic filters optimize power quality

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The EPCOS PQSineTM series of active harmonic filters significantly optimizes power quality. The modular filter systems are designed for 3-phase networks with and without neutral conductors at rated voltages up to 690 V AC at 50/60 Hz. The overall response time is <5 ms and the reaction time is <50 µs. PQSine active harmonic filters are able to analyze and neutralize current harmonics up to the 50th order. The core of the PQSine active harmonic filter is a controller. In contrast to classical power factor correction, which only corrects inductive loads, PQSine also compensates capacitive reactive power loads. In addition to their outstanding filtering, the PQSine active harmonic filters also balance the loads to all phases.

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PQvarTM boosts energy efficiency

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The EPCOS PQvarTM is a modular static var generator that is designed for active stepless power factor correction and load balancing in industrial grids and large commercial buildings. With a fast response time of less than 15 ms and a dynamic reaction time of 50 µs, PQvar offers significantly faster compensation than conventional systems. The system is suitable for the active compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads and can achieve a power factor of 0.99. At the low-voltage level PQvar is designed for 400 V and 690 V supply systems. In these voltage classes individual modules with outputs of between 30 kvar and 200 kvar are available, as well as systems for up to 880 kvar per compensation cabinet. 

Using Advanced Multi Controllers (AMC), the PQvar system can be combined with conventional passive low-voltage compensation stages. The medium-voltage level is covered by systems for 6 kV, 10 kV and 35 kV, the modules being designed for outputs of between 2000 kvar and 12,000 kvar. All modules are available for 3-phase grids with or without neutral conductors. Depending on the output and size, the modules are designed as slide-in units for control cabinets and systems for wall mounting (low-voltage) or as control cabinet systems (medium-voltage).  

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PFC capacitors offer higher inrush current

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The two series of EPCOS PhaseCap® Energy for power factor correction offer a significantly higher performance. The components are available with gas or resin-filled housings. They are designed for voltages of 230 V AC to 690 V AC and offer a reactive power of between 5 kvar and 33 kvar.  

The life expectancy of the B25674* series of gas-impregnated capacitors has been possible to extend by nearly 40 percent from 130,000 to 180,000 hours. The maximum permissible inrush current was also increased by 25 percent to 500 x IR. The new capacitors can also be switched significantly more frequently: For example, the maximum number of switching cycles per year has been doubled from 7500 to 15,000. The maximum permissible operating temperature as per IEC 60831-1 has also now been raised by 5 K to 60 °C.

The B25675* series of resin-filled capacitors features an even longer life expectancy of 200,000 hours and is likewise designed for a maximum operating temperature of 60 °C and a maximum permissible inrush current of 500 x IR

A further significantly improved feature of both series is their increased energy density in comparison with the existing types: For the 28 kvar / 440 V types, for example, this has been raised by more than 20 percent from 9.7 kvar/l to 11.8 kvar/l. This also results in compact dimensions: The new PhaseCap Energy capacitors feature a diameter of between just 75 mm and 125 mm, depending on the type, and a height of between 164 mm and 224 mm.

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Compact, high-performance 3-line EMC filters 

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The B84243* series of EPCOS 3-line EMC filters includes 10 newer types for currents of up to 280 A. All 18 types in the series are designed for a rated voltage of 530 V AC. The performance of this series of filters has been optimized for adherence to limit values in accordance with EN 61800−3:2004+A1:2011 for motor cable lengths of either up to 25 m (C1) or 50 m (C2). The metal cases of the filters are designed with IP20 protection and, depending on the type, have compact dimensions of between 190 x 40 x 95 mm and 450 x 170 x 230 mm. Thanks to the highly saturation resistant chokes, parasitic asymmetric currents can be reliably controlled even in the case of longer motor cables.

A further advantage of the B84243* series is the low leakage current that also permits operation in a 30 mA RCD environment. For smaller, hand-operated equipment the leakage current must be below 3.5 mA. For this reason, the 3-A version (B84243A8003U000) has been designed for a leakage current of 1.9 mA at 400 V AC. One important safety aspect is the short discharge time to <60 V within one second for the types rated at up to 44 A.

Typical applications of the filters are frequency converters for the drives of elevators, pumps, conveyor systems, and HVAC systems.

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