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June 13, 2016

Premiere for MKK high-power capacitors made in China


TDK has shipped the first EPCOS MKK high-power capacitors manufactured at the Zhuhai plant in China. With this product group the Zhuhai plant has expanded its comprehensive range of power capacitors, which are produced primarily for the Chinese market.

The shipment of the MKK high-power capacitors represents the latest milestone for the Zhuhai plant. With rated capacitance values of up to more than 10 000 μF and rated voltages of up to 4000 V DC, these capacitors are suitable for use in large traction converters and low-loss HVDC-VSC power transmission systems.They feature a flat winding technology that permits a volume fill factor of about 95 percent and thus enables highly compact capacitors that are characterized by their high current capability and their ability to withstand high voltage and current peaks. In addition, their more optimized internal structure assures better heat dissipation from hot spots via the capacitor case.

The new MKK high-power series complements the existing spectrum of power capacitors for industrial electronics applications and inverters for photovoltaic systems and wind turbines (see table). They include the DeltaCap™ series for low-voltage power factor correction applications, the MKP DC series for DC link in industrial drive systems, and the MKP AC series for output filtering in frequency converters. While the first two products are produced mainly for the Chinese market, MKP AC power capacitors are also shipped to customers globally. Almost all raw materials for the power capacitors manufactured in Zhuhai are sourced locally in order to ensure the most secure supply and production flexibility as possible.

Table: Comprehensive portfolio of power capacitors for China

Figure 1:

MKK high-power

Figure 2:


Figure 3:


Figure 4:


Main featuresApplications

MKK high-power

1500 to 4000 V
500 to >10 000 µF
High current capability
Low ESR and ESL
High hot-spot temperature of 85 °C
Flat winding for volume fill factor of 95%

Resonant circuit of large traction converters and low-loss HVDC VSC power transmission systems


700 to 2000 V
70 to 1500 µF
High hot-spot temperature of 85°C
UL approved types available

DC link in industrial drive systems and traction converters


250 to 480 VRMS
10 to 600 µF
Overpressure disconnector
UL approved

Output filtering in industrial drive systems and frequency converters


230 to 525 V
10 to 151 µF (1-phase)
3 x 10 to 3 x 69 µF (3-phase)
0.8 to 5 kvar (1-phase)
0.5 to 33 kvar (3-phase)
IEC 60831
VDE approved

Power factor correction in low-voltage power installations


Wide range of products for numerous applications

Altogether, the Zhuhai plant, which was expanded in early 2015 by some 8000 square meters, now has a production area of nearly 50,000 square meters. Besides power capacitors the factory also manufactures DC capacitors, which are predominantly used for the suppression of electromagnetic interference in electrical systems and devices. In addition, the plant's portfolio also includes varistors, inrush current limiters and PTC thermistors for applications not only in industrial electronics and power engineering, but also in automotive and consumer electronics (see insert on Zhuhai plant). The temperature sensors produced here are used mainly in automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

Zhuhai plant: Products and certification



Film capacitors
  • Power electronic capacitors
  • Power factor correction (PFC) capacitors and further key PFC components (LV)
  • DC capacitors
Piezo and Protection Devices
  • Disk varistors
  • Energy varistors
  • Strap and block varistors
  • SMD disk varistors (CU)
  • Inrush current limiters (ICLs)
  • PTC thermistors
  • NTC sensor systems for automotive electronics and household appliances


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

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