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PTC ICL Selection Tool

The PTC ICL Selection Tool allows customer the selection of suitable PTC Inrush Current Limiters (ICL) based on customer application parameters. It is designed for application cases, where only one charging/discharging operation of the PTC ICL is expected.

The PTC ICL selection tool can be used as online version in all common browsers, however Google Chrome is recommended.

The selection tool contains the PTC ICL portfolio offered in the year 2020.

Features of the PTC ICL Selection Tool are:

  • PTC ICL selection based on application circuit structure, capacitor capacitance, capacitor charging voltage and max. ambient temperature
  • Display of needed PTC ICL quantity for customer application
  • Display of important dimensional and electrical parameters
  • Display of AEC-Q200, Rev. D approval for automotive usage
  • Direct download of PTC ICL data sheet
  • Button "Buy now" to check the available stock at TDK distribution partners

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The above selection tool does not support application cases, where several charging/discharging operations in a short time (< 10 min) are expected.

Please contact our local sales offices for requests regarding those applications

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