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Product Brief

Multiple Pulse (MP) Disk Varistors, Compact S14 Series

[---Image_alt---] Multiple Puls Disc Varistors PB


  • Compact S14 series of multiple pulse disk varistors for consumer and industrial electronics applications
  • Used for switch-mode power supplies, drives and general overvoltage protection modules
  • Detailed technical information


  • Rated voltage ranges from 130 to 460 V AC
  • Excellent surge performance up to 6000 A
  • Outstanding long-term stability
  • Tested in accordance to IEC 60950-1; Annex Q and IEC
    62368-1; G.8.2
  • More compact design, but same specification as S14*E2K1 series of multiple pulse varistors

Edition 10.18, 4 pages, English

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