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  • Detailed description of the current product portfolio of MKT, MKP, MFP and EMI capacitors 
  • General technical specifications
  • Notes on stamping, packaging, processing, standards, quality and environment 

New products (highlights)

  • B3203* series: Rugged Y2 capacitors (THB)
    Y2 humidity, Vr, 350 V AC, capacitances of 4.7 nF to 1.2 µF for the highest filtering requirements under demanding environmental conditions; THB 85 °C/ 85% RH/ 350 V AC/ 1000 hrs
  • B3277*H series: Rugged MKP DC Link capacitors for industrial applications
    High density humidity, 450 to 1300 V DC / 1.5 to 120 μF; low ESR to a minimum of 3.7 mΩ at 10 kHz/70 °C; IRMS up to 27.5 A at 10 kHz/70 °C; THB 60 °C/ 95% RH/ Vr DC/ 1000 hrs, AEC-Q200D
  • B3275* series: MKP AC capacitors for output filters
    MKP AC output filters, 250 to 310 V DC / 1.5 to 70 μF; optimized AC performance with high current capability, IRMS up to 26 A at 10 kHz/70 °C; THB 60 °C/ 95% RH/ Vr DC/ 1344 hrs., AEC-Q200D 

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Edition 07.18, 726 pages, English