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TDK TDK Electronics · TDK Europe

Surge Arresters

  • Very high discharge current
  • Excellent protection characteristics
  • Stable performance over useful life
  • Very high insulation resistance
  • EN 61643-11 class III
  • Built to automotive standard (ISO TS 16949)
  • EHV series is UL 1449 graded


  • High discharge current and isolation resistance
  • High voltage types available
  • Application in series with MOV
  • Small size
  • Wide range of lead configurations
  • Max. discharge current 8/20 μs: 5 kA

Product search

Nom. DC sparkover voltage (V DC) Ordering code PDF
2500 B88069X2733S102,  B88069X2733T502 file_pdf_box
3000 B88069X2553S102,  B88069X2553T502 file_pdf_box
3600 B88069X3003S102,  B88069X3003T502 file_pdf_box
4000 B88069X2563S102,  B88069X2563T502 file_pdf_box
4500 B88069X2573S102,  B88069X2573T502 file_pdf_box